Brute Force Attack

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What is Brute Force Attack?

In a Brute Force attack, hackers try a different combination of passwords to hack credentials.Hackers try to suggest every possible combination to crack your password.This is an old method but hackers still use this for stealing personal information.In this process, we need to create a file of passwords in text form which may contain all the possible combinations of password.Then we use tools to apply these passwords one by one.

Softwares for Bruteforce Attack

Types of Brute Force Attacks

There are many types of Brute Force Attacks.

  1. Simple Brute Force Attacks
  2. Dictionary Attacks
  3. Hybrid Brute Force Attacks
  4. Reverse Brute Force Attacks
  5. Credential Stuffing

Brute Force Attack Prevention & Protection

As it is clear that hacker does not use any specific algorithm so we can secure our information by applying these steps

Advantages of Bruteforce attack

You can check the security of your organization by using brute force attack.

You can hack account of anyone.

Disadvantages of Bruteforce attack

It is an old method and takes a lot of time to crack the password.

Nowadays all people are aware of the Brute Force attack. So websites only accept strong passwords.

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