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Digital marketing or Online marketing

Marketing has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Everything is developing day by day and moving towards digitalization. Business is changing because technology is developing. People are depending on technology and now business owners want to update their business to digitalized and computerized to increase their sales and revenue. So digital marketing is a major thing these days. If you want to get more revenue and profit then you have to understand the concept of digital marketing and apply this to your business. Let's see what is a digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

If you are thinking what is digital marketing or online marketing... it is promotion provided by digital platforms. Platforms such as social media, mobile applications, web-based applications, Email, search engine, and other marketing platforms. Digital markiting or online markinting is type of service which involves electronic devices.

That's why we see ads on the google website, mobile apps, youtube videos, and many other platforms. This is digital marketing. Business owners are making more and more promotions of their products on digital platforms to increase their sales. Lts discuss types of Digital marketing

Types of Digtal marketing or Online marketing

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Email marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Mobile marketing

   Social media marketing

It includes marketing through social media platforms. Because nowadays everyone is using social media. Marketers want to engage the local audience to boost their sales and revenue so they use social media platforms for the promotion. Social media marketing is not just publishing posts on social media platforms it is more than this. Marketers use many tools to rank their post and to promote it more and more. According to a survey all users spend 3 hours per day on social media platforms. So social media platforms are preferred for effective promotion strategies to engage an audience and to increase sales. Social media platforms include Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and some other platforms.


   Search Engine Optmization

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that is used to rank your business ads. For example, you have an E-commerce website and you want more traffic and clients then you have to rank it on google. For this purpose, we use the SEO technique. Search engine optimization is very helpful in increasing business and engaging customers. We can use SEO techniques on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Search engine optimization

   Email marketing

Like other social media, platforms Email is one of the emerging social media and communication platforms. Email marketing is sending an email related to your product and by describing its features in email. It can be used as part of a content marketing campaign to add value to users and turn them into customers over time. We can provide special offers in the form of email and convince them to buy your product. There are many email marketing software in the market that provides us a complete analysis of customer interaction. These types of software are very helpful to target the audience in the world of digital marketing.

Email marketing

    Content Marketing

Content marketing means spreading awareness of brands through creating content. Simply we can say that telling about the features of your products through blogs and Facebook posts. This type of digital marketing team provides an answer to customer questions through blogs and videos. It is a storytelling of your product that convinces customers to buy your product. Nowadays business owners are using this technique to grow their sales and revenue.

content marketing digital marketing

   Mobile Marketing

Everyone in the world uses mobile. So mobile marketing is the most successful technique to increase business. We can send promotional messages to the audience using text messages, Email messaging, websites, and app messaging. We should take care of the geographic region which are we are targeting. Because most people use mobile on the local level so it is easy to engage an audience through this technique.

Mobile marketing digital markinting

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