How to dualboot your PC?

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How to dual boot your pc?

There are some steps that I have done in dual booting of pc

Step 1: First of all download ubonto in your pc

Step 2: Then download usb installer in your pc.

Step 3: Then took 16GB USB and pluged into your pc then copy the usb installer and paste it in the usb drive(E) then click I agree then select the ubonto in the files and then click start it starts loading as shown

Step 4:Now you have successfully dual booted your usb

Step 5: Again plug booted usb in your pc and then restart your pc as my pc company is dell and its reboot menu button is F12.

Step 6: Then open the boot menu then select the USB storage device as shown in the figure.

Step 7: Then a menu displays then click on install ubuntu.

Step 8: Then it display a screen as shown below.

Step 9: Then it comes an option to install ubuntu then click on ubuntu.

Step 10: Then it comes an option to select the language select language you like.

Step 11: Then it comes an option to select the keyboard layout.

Step 12: Then it comes the option to connect with wifi.

Step 13: After that, it comes the option of updates and software then select normal installation.

Step 14: It will ask you about the installation type select install ubuntu alongside window 10 and then click continue.

Step 15: Then select the partition.

Step 16: After that it will ask you about creat partion size,type for new partition. Select size 31495 mb and type of partition primary and the mount point I selected id /.Then click the install option.

Step 17: Then it will ask you where you from.Select your country.

Step 18: Then it will ask user name ,password etc.Then click on install option it will start installing .

Step 19: It will start installing. And will take 15 minutes approximately.

Step 20: Now click on restart button.

Now you can use ubuntu and window 10 both on one pc.

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