HTML Exercise

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Excercise Questions You need to solve


Task 1

Create a webpage that contains all the HTML elements such as lists, Heading and Paragraphs, etc?

Task 2

Create three different types of lists in your webpage?

Task 3

Create a webpage and insert three Youtube videos?

Task 4

Make a webpage insert buttons in it?


Task 5

Make a webpage and insert three images in it with different sizes?

Task 6

Create five links by using a tag and insert five different links webpage?

Task 7

Create heading and apply different styles to it?

Task 8

Make a timetable of your class in HTML?


Task 9

Create a footer of a webpage with different styling?

Task 10

Create a navbar with three links in it Home, Service, and About Us?

Task 11

Add image to a page and then write text and apply borders?

Task 12

Make a webpage about us using HTML styling?