Factors affecting website SEO

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Factors affecting website SEO

In this blog, we are going to discuss the factors on which the SEO of a website depends upon. There are many factors on which the SEO of a website depends upon. Google ranks your website after examining these factors.

1)Secure website

The first factor is that your website should be safe and secure. You must have an SSL certificate included on your website. SSL certificate is a basic requirement most hosting companies provide it for free but some hosting companies don't provide it for free so you need to purchase it. You can also get a free SSL certificate from different sites. You have to make sure that your website is safe and secure. No one is hacking your user information.

Factors that effect search engine optimization

2)Page speed

The second factor that plays an important role in the Search Engine Optimization of a website is Page speed. Your server should be fast. It should take minimum load time. You can check your website speed on google insights. To make your website faster you need to reduce the load speed of the page. To reduce page load speed you have to compress all your images used on the website then you have to remove unused javascript code from your website. Always use properly sized images to increase the load speed of your page.

Factors that effect website SEO

3)Mobile Friendly

To increase SEO score website should be responsive and mobile-friendly. So that the website doesn't lose any feature on mobile. For making our website responsive we can use a framework like Bootsrap.

Technical SEO

4)Minimum Bounce Back rate

The next step to increase SEO score is reducing the minimum bounce back rate. Bounce back rate means that your visitor should stay a minimum of 10 seconds and does not move back. You need to make the user stick with your website. Visiter should pass the maximum time on your website.

Bounce back rate in SEO

4)Engaging content

You should have unique and plagiarism content on the website. Your content should be easy to understand. People should spend the most time on your website. Try to explain your content with the help of images. Your content should attract an audience. Try to bold the main keywords in your content by using a strong tag.

Optimize content in SEO


The main factor in the ranking of a website is backlinks. Backlinks mean to create links in another website by commenting and by asking other sites. This is called Offpage SEO.Offpage SEO includes promotion and advertisement of your website. Offpage SEO includes techniques used in the promotion of webpage it has nothing to do with the infrastructure of the webpage. Popular websites have more chances to rank than new and less popular websites. We can share website links on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Building Backlinks: Link building is the process of getting SEO backlinks from other websites. There are a lot of websites that are providing backlinks to you for free. You just need to add a blog post or comment. But well ranked and popular websites do not provide free backlinks.You have to purchase backlinks to rank your website. Brand promotion: Google ranks those websites which are high in a result the reason for it is that people trust on them.

Offpage SEo and backlinks

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