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How to host website free of cost

Every one wants to host his website and want to show his website. But this is a great problem for begineers because they cannot buy hosting because they are just testing it not creating it for client.Today in this blog i am going to show you how to host your website free of cost without paying anything.You can host coding website or wordpress website free.In this blog i shall explain you every thing.

Coding website free hosting
Step 1

Open browser and go to and sign up there.

website free hosting

Step 2

After sign up and email verification then you need to login.

website free hosting

Step 3

In next step you will redirect to the page where you have to choose website name and than go to manage website.

website free hosting

Step 4

After that you will redirect to C-panel. and click on file manager.

website free hosting

Step 5

After that you can upload files here but make sure that you home page name should be index.html. After that you can visit your site and get the link of your site.

website free hosting

Tutorial to host website on 000webhost for free

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