Illusions in real life

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Illusions in real life

Defination: The process which involves the interaction of logical and empirical considerations is called illusion.

Explaination: Common usage suggests that an illusion might be a discrepancy between one's awareness and some stimuli. Following preliminary definitions of classes of stimuli, five definitions of illusion are considered, based upon the possible discrepancies between awareness and a stimulus. It is found that every of these definitions fails to make important distinctions, even to the aim of equating all illusory and perceptual phenomena.

Examples of Illusions

Example 1

In the following image we see that the car is going to fall and this is the end of road but in fact the road is turning and our eyes cannot see another side of Road so the illusion produced that our car is going to Fall.

Example 2

In the following image, we can see that the rice is moving but particles are not moving this is the movement in our mind.

Example 3

We can see in the image that the drawing is 3D but in fact, it is not 3d it is the shadow effect that is making it 3D.

Example 4

In the image, we can see that there is a hole in a road but this is only our Illusion this is an art on the road.

Example 5

In the traffic when the car stop we often feel that the car is moving back but it stops not move back but we feel that it is our Illusion.

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