Pillers of Cybersecurity

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Pillers of Cybersecurity

There are three mai pillers of cyber security

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability


Confidentiality measures are designed to maintain privacy and save sensitive information from unauthorized people. In Confidentiality system, we try to make our information private that can only be accessed by the right people. Only authorized people can access sensitive information.

For example, we have an online grading system. The only teacher can edit grades. Students do not have permission to edit grades. So Teachers have authorized users but students are unauthorized users. Shortly Confidential means to maintain privacy for an authorized user.



Integrity includes the maintenance of accuracy and trust. Data should remain the same and should not be changed(edit, delete, add) by an unauthorized user.

It cannot be modified by an inappropriate user.

integrity in cybersecurity


Availability is protecting the system's functionality and support. The main purpose of availability is to ensure that data is available all the time. The server is working.

The objective of availability is to ensure that data is available to be used when it is needed to make decisions.

integrity in cybersecurity

Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk: What’s the Difference?


Vulnerability refers to the weaknesses that are present in your system regardless of make, model, or version.

For example ,if an employee in your company leave his job and you forget to disable his account this is the Vulnerability of your company.

Hacker may access from the account of you employee who had left the job.

integrity in cybersecurity


Many companies take action befor the threat damage their company.

What are types of threats in Cybersecurity?

There are three types of threats:

  1. Natural threats: include floods, tornados, or earthquakes. To secure our data from these natural threats we have a backup of our data.
  2. unintentional Threats: includes your employee for example an employee of your company access the unauthorize data unintentionally.
  3. Intentional Threats includes all type of hacking attempts.Hackers try to hack your compnay sensitive information intentionally.

integrity in cybersecurity


In case of risks company looks the threats that can harm the company like phishing attacks,Operating system and sensitive data.

integrity in cybersecurity

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