50+ Final year project ideas

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50+ Final year project ideas for CS/IT students

  1. Banking management system
  2. Librarary managem ent system
  3. Hospital management system
  4. Housing society management system
  5. Smart traffic management system
  6. Vehicles tracking system
  7. E-commerce website
  8. Online book store management system
  9. College management system
  10. Hotel management system
  11. Online Food Ordering System Project
  12. Insurance Agency Management System Project
  13. Online Shopping Project In Php
  14. Online Vehicle Registration System Project
  15. Online Bid Management System Project In Php
  16. Movie Ticket Booking System Project
  17. Hostel management system
  18. Patients management system
  19. Smart mart management system
  20. Travel management system
  21. Face detection
  22. Bus Management System Project
  23. Clothes Shop Management System Project
  24. Complaint Management System Project
  25. Construction Works Management System Project
  26. Courier Management System Project
  27. Online car rental system
  28. Women safety app
  29. Criminal information management system
  30. Garbage management system
  31. Online car rental system
  32. Resturant management system
  33. Stationery Shop Management System Project
  34. Payroll management system
  35. Smart house automation system
  36. Smart office electricity management system
  37. Smart security system for house
  38. Shop management system
  39. Transport management system
  40. Bike rental system
  41. Electricity Bill Management System Project
  42. Furniture Management System Project
  43. Social media app
  44. Grocery Management System Project
  45. Learning management system
  46. Online attendance management system
  47. Social media fake accounts detector
  48. Virus ndetecting software
  49. Online election system
  50. Cricket matches schedule and score managment system

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