Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2021

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Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2021

As we know technology is developing day by day. In this developing world everything is moving towards technology. People want to make their business computerized. Even local shopkeepers in villages are demanding computerized and technical systems to manage their business and to make their business fast.So they need programmers and developers to build their softwares. If you are new to the programming field the most difficult thing for you is selecting the programming language. Don't worry you will be able to decide which programming language you want to select after reading this blog.


Python is the best language to learn if you are new to programming. It is the best programming language of 2021. Python is a high; level programming language. We kept Python on number 1 because of its following features:

  • Python is an open-source programming language and it has a big community of developers.
  • Python is used in Graphical User Interface(GUI) based desktop applications.
  • Python is used in making the backend of the website.
  • Python is the only language that is used in Data Science and Artificial intelligence.
  • Learn python is very helpful in getting a job and make a career. Because web development frameworks like Flask, Django is popular and easy to learn. The average salary of a Python developer is $150,000 in the USA per year. It is in high demand in the market.

Python programming


Javascript is the most growing language in 2021. This language is mainly used for Web development. Javascript is an essential language for web development. For a web development job, you must learn javascript. It is the only language that is used for full-stack web development. Javascript is also used in developing web-based apps. It is also in high demand in the market. The reason for its high demand is its frameworks for full-stack web development. The frontend frameworks include React js, Angular js, Vue js. The backend frameworks include Node js and Express js.

Javascript programming language


Java is extremly growing language because it is used in android app development. Mostly audience use androids so developers mostly develop android app using Java. Most organization and companies use java in the development of their softwares and applications.It is easy to learn

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C++ is a powerful programming language that is used in making applications,softwares and games. C++ is well organized ,easy to understand language. C++ is used in every field of technalogy. Our C++ Tutorial will Guide you in understanding the concept of C++ Programming Fundamentals. These C++ tutorials are helpful for begineers

C++ Programming Applications
  • Game Development
  • Banking System
  • Airline System
  • LMS development
  • Compilers
  • Operating Systems
  • Browsers
  • Library system
  • Hotel managment system
  • Hospital managment system

To learn C++ Click here

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C# is also a growing language because it is used in developing games and operating systems. It has a little bit of syntax difference with C++. It is used in making compilers high-level desktop applications. The reason for the demand for C# is it is used for developing management systems like Library management system, Learning management system and College management system, etc.

Csharp programming language


PHP is a server side programming language that is used in web development. 80% websites backend are made in PHP because PHP is simple fast and easy to learn. You can start from php also if you are new to programming. But in 2021 PHP is losing its value.Now adays deveolopers are using Node js which is a framework of Javascript.

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