Web Development project ideas for begineers

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10 Web Development project Ideas for begineers

In this blog, you will get 10 web development project ideas for beginners. If you are an absolute beginner then these projects ideas are for you. Lets discuss these ideas one by one.

1. Portfolio website

You can create a portfolio website if your are absolute begineers.This is very simple project you can create it easily.For making portfolio website first you need to add your image and than your personal details like name,address,experience and conatct number. Than you have to add your skills. You have to explain which skills you have and and what tools you are using. You can also add services like video editing, graphic designing and web developers.At last you have to add footer. You can also add multiple pages like Contact us, Our Services, and About Us. This is basic and easy to create project. You can easliy create it by using few lines of code. For making this website you should have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Portfolio website template

2. Blogging Website

As you know the trend of blogging websites is increasing day by day. Every company and business has a blogging website to promote their products. Even Amazon and Alibaba also have their blogging website. Many people have a blogging website where they share their life experiences and tips. So as a beginner, you can create a blogging website. To make a blogging website is easy. First, you have to add content to a webpage and then make blog boxes. when the user clicks on a blog he should redirect to the required webpage. You can also visit My Blog to get an idea of a blogging website. You can also earn money from this website. So start making a blogging website now.

blogging website template

3. Quiz Website

I hope many of you already know about the quiz website. You have seen many websites where you can give online tests and quiz. Many university websites have quiz features. If you are a beginner then this is a good project idea for you. It is a little bit difficult because you have to use javascript in this project. First, you have to create a question and four options. When the user will click on the right option you have to show your answer is right but when the user will click on the wrong option then you have to show your answer is wrong. At the end of the quiz, you have to display total marks and obtain marks of the quiz. For this project, you should know HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

quiz website template

4. Calculator

This one is the easiest project idea on my list. You can create a calculator as your first project. First, you have to create a box then need to add a number and one box to display the result. Hurry up In this project you have to use javascript. Make a calculator now and share it with your friends.

quiz website template

5. Word Counter

Fifth one idea is word counter. Word counter is a counter which counts words and characters in the given text. I hope you know many word counter websites. In this website you have to create box for user to add text as a input and below this box you have to add button. When user will click on button you have to show number of words present in the given text.To make this project you should have knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.This is very easy you can try.

word counter in javascript

6. Stock Photos website

This is one of the best ideas on my list. You can create a stock photos website as a project like pixabay.com, pexels.com, and unsplash.com. you can collect images from these websites and then start making your stock photos website because these photos are copyright-free. For creating this website you first have to make a search bar for searching images then you have to add photos more and more. You can also add categories like mountains, nature, and technology, etc. For this, you know HTML, CSS, and javascript.

stock photos website

7. Online Courses website

These days online courses are in demand so people are moving towards a platform where they can provide and get online courses. Website is the best platform for online courses. So this website is in demand. You can create Video courses like edx.com and Udemy and also text courses like studytonight.com and tutorialpoint.com. You have to make a page to show topics or chapters. When the user will click on a chapter he should be redirected to the required chapter page. This is a little bit complex but you can create it using HTML, CSS, and javascript.

online courses website

8. Resturant Website

If you want to check your skills as a beginner then you can create a restaurant website. In every area, there are restaurants you can create a website for them. It is very easy to create. You have to create menus and dishes. You can also add time table. You have to create a complete front end of the restaurant website. It is a very easy project.

resturant website design

9. Image Slider

Number 9 project idea is an image slider. Image slider is an important and beautiful feature of the website. It gives a website a professional look. If you are a beginner in the web development field then you can create an image slider. It is a very easy and unique project. In the image slider image move to the next when you click on the next button and move back when you click on the back button. To create this project you have to use loops in Javascript. It is very easy.

Image Slider in Javascript

10. Ecommerce website

The last project idea on my list is the Ecommerce website. This is a difficult and complex project but as a beginner, I am not asking you to create payment gateways. I am just demanding to create a front end of an eCommerce website. Add different products to your website and set their price. Also, add a search bar to search the products. You can also add a category like men, women, and kids, etc. To make this project you have strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Ecommerce website

Web Development project ideas for beginners

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